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* Download the Atha Yoga 2017 Programme by clicking this link *


If you enjoy a group class then why not try a Sunday Morning Workshop. These friendly and accessible workshops are suitable for anyone with at least a little experience of yoga.

  • The venue is Sylvania Community Hall, EX4 7DR - (see timetable page for directions)
  • Arrivals are from 9.30am, for a 10am start. Finishing at 1 or 1.30pm.
  • Most workshops cost £18 or £23*. The occasional longer workshops cost £21 or £26*
  • Refreshments are included
  • While the hall is often very warm the floor can be a little chilly, so please bring a pair of thicker socks to protect your feet during the tea break.

Grace Notes, Sunday 5th February 2017, 10-1pm, £18/23*

In music grace notes are fleeting, optional, and easily missed, but if you can play them they add a special depth and texture to the music. A yoga practice is full of grace notes, but you have to be able to embody the breath in the moment, in order to observe them. This then, will be a gentle, still & subtle practice that makes a space for joy, balance and light to play.

The Art of Practice Planning, Sunday 19th March 2017, 10-1.30pm, £21/26*

Have you ever wondered why a class practice really worked, or perhaps why it didn't? Have you ever wanted to practice at home and not known where to start, or how to progress? This workshop, taught in an engaging and interactive way will quickly have you planning short practices for yourself. There will be plenty of yoga practice as well as practice planning. This morning will teach you the basic rules that guide viniyoga practice, giving you the means to practice safely, confidently and creatively.

Bounded Body, Endless Breath, Infinite Mind, Sunday 8th October, 10-1pm, £18/23*

This workshop will focus on Maha Mudra, one of the most important postures in yoga. This challenging pose can make you very aware of the body with all it’s boundaries and limitations, but can in an instant open from the inside, giving a profound experience of space and energy.

Reasons to be Cheerful – 1,2,3 …. Sunday 19th November 2017, 10-1pm, £18/23*

Daurmanasya/Depression, is held to be one of of the major impediments to a state of yoga, and is characterised by a lack of energy. This will be a practice written in a major key, designed to lift the energy and the spirits, a not very subtle contrast to the shortening days as we move into the dark time of the year.

*Workshops cost either £23 or £26 if you pay on the day, or book after the Early Bird discount has expired. To take advantage of the £5 Early Bird Discount please book by the Monday prior to the workshop date. Unfortunately, bookings cannot be refunded.

"Realise deeply that the present moment is all you ever have."
Eckhart Tolle