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What is Yoga?
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Small Group Yoga Classes, Individual Yoga Lessons and Yoga Therapy in Exeter

What is yoga?

The intelligent (viniyoga) combination and application of breath and posture work offered by Yoga can improve our sleep, digestion, strength and flexibility. Yoga can also allow us to experience the stillness that is present within each of us, that which can be described as a "sense of uncomplicated wholeness" - Peter Hersnack

Through the practice of Yoga it is possible to learn how to relieve suffering and improve healing for a wide range of common ailments and disorders. It can also help you to learn how to:

  • Cope with excessive stress and anxiety
  • Improve breathing
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce back and joint pain by increasing strength and tone of supporting muscles while gently mobilizing the joint.
  • Use your core muscles
  • Help menstrual problems and the menopause
  • Care for a range of chronic disorders including asthma, arthritis, hypertension, circulatory and digestive problems
  • Support other sporting activities

About the tutor

Jane HarrisJane is a qualified yoga teacher and was awarded a teaching diploma by the British Wheel of Yoga in 2001.
In addition, she has studied with Paul Harvey, for six years; completing the four year yoga teaching and therapy course with Paul for the Association of Yoga Studies (formerly Viniyoga Britain) in 2006 as well as two years Further Study completing Paul's cYs Post Graduate Training in 2008.


The sanskrit word "Atha" is the first word of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, a single word - it is often defined as meaning  "now". However, this is too simple an explanation for a word that also conveys a sense of the auspicious, of prayer and also a sense of contemplation.

"Realise deeply that the present moment is all you ever have."
Eckhart Tolle